Is Avast free antivirus any good? Is Avast Free Antivirus good for Windows 10? Is there a better free antivirus than Avast?

Is Avast free antivirus any good? Is Avast Free Antivirus good for Windows 10? Is there a better free antivirus than Avast?

It may seems sensible for antivirus businesses to provide free antivirus protection as a kind of loss leader, with just the most basic security. To access the advanced additional features, you must first become a paying client. However, many of the most popular free antivirus software provide comprehensive protection as well as a plethora of other functions. Avast Free Antivirus offers more than many commercially available programs. In addition to outstanding antivirus protection, it includes a network security scanner, browser protection, and other features. It’s an excellent set of security capabilities, particularly given that it’s free.

In 2016, Avast purchased competitor free antivirus business AVG. Fans of both firms should relax; no plans to integrate them into a single product have been announced in years. Both have millions of users globally, yet one excels in geographical regions where the other falls short. And, as proved in both our and independent lab testing, the fundamental antivirus engine in Avast and AVG AntiVirus Free is identical.


Avast Free Antivirus has the following features:

Avast’s free plan includes all of the standard tasks and features you’d expect from antivirus software. Given how many people subscribe to premium solutions like Kaspersky or Norton 360, this demonstrates that you can obtain a reasonable degree of security without having to pay for it.

In addition to all of the standard capabilities, Avast’s free offering includes several really useful extras that make this alternative much more appealing. We’ll break them all down here to help you determine whether the free version is suitable for you.

Virus checks

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Avast’s virus scans are rapid and simple. Not only do they alert you to any problems on your system, but they also enable you to resolve any problems with the touch of a button.

Avast Antivirus performs virus scanning.

The virus scan accomplishes three tasks:

  • Updates virus definitions to ensure that no new threats are missed.
  • Anti-virus and malware scans
  • Look for advanced concerns

While my Mac passed the malware check without incident, it did raise three advanced problems. These included a susceptibility to phony websites, insufficient protection on my Wi-Fi network, and two folders susceptible to sophisticated ransomware.

Avast Antivirus Virus Scan reveals advanced flaws discovered

However, if you want Avast to address any complex problems, you must first purchase the Premium plan before Avast would handle them for you.

For relatively minor problems, just click the Resolve Now button and Avast will take care of it.


Malware defense

Again, this isn’t a ground-breaking function for antivirus software. However, it is still necessary to debate. Avast’s malware prevention also includes:

  • Real-time protection that operates quietly in the background to detect and prevent threats as they occur in an inconspicuous but effective manner.
  • Complete virus detection that prevents infected files from being shared with other users.
  • In-depth scans of your whole system or device to detect hidden viruses.
  • Removable drive checks for infections on external devices such as CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and so on.
  • Custom scans on individual files or folders for quicker, more focused scanning.
  • Scheduled Scans allow it to scan for malware while you are away from your computer.
  • Every 30 days, you will get personalized security updates.
  • Real-time security updates and new features that are immediately updated
  • Compatibility with several platforms

The fact that Avast is accessible on all major platforms is an added bonus. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. And, to make things even easier, the site can detect the platform you’re using and tailors all of your website results to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant information for you.

We tried the program on a Mac, and as soon as I downloaded it, every page on the Avast website linked me to the Mac version. As a result, I could see all of the information related to the equipment and operating system I was using.

Inspector of Wi-Fi

Avast’s free service examines your whole Wi-Fi network and all connected devices for vulnerabilities. This helps to prevent hackers from collecting your personal information over your Wi-Fi network.

Email safety

With its free edition, Avast also offers adequate email security. It warns you about harmful websites, restricts suspicious downloads, protects you from risky email attachments, and prevents invasive online tracking. And, given that email is one of the most popular methods for a computer virus to infiltrate a system, it’s a really important tool that filters out a lot of possible hazards.

Avast Premium functions

While Avast’s free plan includes all of the essential security protections needed to guard against malware, viruses, and other online dangers, the Premium version includes a few of crucial enhancements that may make a significant difference in your online safety. But are they worthwhile to pay for? Let us investigate.

Wi-Fi security warnings in real time

Although the free version provides Wi-Fi security, the Premium plan goes a step further by alerting you to any possible dangers to your network in real time. This implies that you will be notified as soon as someone connects to your Wi-Fi network.

So, if you have an unpleasant neighbor who constantly slows your Wi-Fi rates to a crawl by streaming films on your network, or if you just want to be warned to any possible hackers as soon as they access your Wi-Fi, subscribing to the premium plan may be worthwhile.

Ransomware protection

A ransomware protection is another key feature offered in the Premium package. This safeguards your data and images from ransomware assaults. As a result, no one will be able to edit, alter, or encrypt your documents without your consent.

Features of Avast for Business

Avast’s business plans provide a variety of options based on the size and demands of your company. Do you need assistance choosing if one of these programs is best for you? The following is a breakdown of Avast’s business offerings.

The Small Office package from Avast includes the following features:

As the name suggests, Avast’s Small Office package is suitable for all types of small enterprises. Avast allows you to customize your package so that you receive the greatest security for your company.

The following are all of the features available with the Small Office plan:

  • The small business account allows for the usage of up to ten devices.
  • Multi-OS compatibility means that Avast will be able to handle any devices you want to work on, even if they are a combination of Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.
  • Business-grade customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from professional engineers who can assist you by email, chat, or phone.
  • Ransomware shield protects your important data, documents, and images against ransomware assaults.
  • Remote access barrier prevents unauthorized remote connections.
  • Before establishing a network connection, Web Shield validates URLs and certificates to assure their entire safety.
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are continually scanned for viruses by email shield.
  • To avoid malware and ransomware, File Shield checks files, URLs, and email attachments.
  • Wi-Fi inspector scans your network for flaws that may be putting you at danger and repairs them for you.
  • The real site protects you and your workers against phony sites that are meant to steal critical data.
  • The sandbox offers a secure environment for testing new applications and data in a separate location from the rest of your computer.
  • The programmable firewall filters network traffic and blocks unauthorized connections.
  • The sensitive data barrier prevents spyware from gaining access to sensitive documents on your computer.
  • Webcam shield prevents camera surveillance without your knowledge by requiring programs to seek access to your webcam before it is switched on.
  • Any sensitive files containing financial or customer data that you do not want recoverable are permanently destroyed using a data shredder.
  • Phishing net protects your company against even the most current phishing sites by using Avast’s cloud database.

Avast Business functions

If the Small Office plan is insufficient for your needs, Avast’s Businesses plan may be a better fit for you and your business. This upgrade is appropriate for any company with 11 to 1,000 workers. You also pay per device, so you simply pay for the amount of devices you wish to secure.

It includes all of the strong security measures included in the Small Office plan, as well as a few critical additions geared to assist larger enterprises, such as:

  • Cloud backup assures that your information are safe, secure, and available from anywhere.
  • Patch management discovers, delivers, and monitors essential security fixes from Avast’s single cloud management interface.
  • A secure web gateway keeps harmful downloads and URLs out of your network.
  • CloudCare’s next-generation endpoint security prevents malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats to your organization.

Safety is paramount.

As previously said, Avast went above and above in designing the free edition of their antivirus program. Even the most basic virus check has more features than most. It identifies out-of-date software, harmful browser add-ons, network difficulties, unsecured important documents, and weak passwords in addition to viruses and malware.

My first scan found no malware, problematic extensions, or network problems, but it did discover insecure applications, unprotected documents, and weak passwords. I’m not shocked that my machine has susceptible software – I have a lot of software and it’s a bother to update it all – but these final two things made me stop. What does Avast consider to be unprotected sensitive documents, and how does it locate them? Also, how do they determine the strength of my passwords?

The sensitive documents scan turns out to be quite successful. It discovered tax returns, employment paperwork, bank statements, and other information that I had saved on my computer without even realizing it. It only identified two false positives in total. These papers were classified by Avast into categories such as taxes, payroll, employment, and travel (documents such as driver’s licenses and passports). It also provides a simple button to the right of each item that quickly displays the location of any document that it discovers.

Reading between the lines of the marketing language, it seems that Avast is using a technique known as Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP is a technique that is often used in major corporations that keep consumer data such as credit card and social security numbers. Companies may use DLP to scan word documents and use optical character recognition (OCR) on PDFs to find strings of numbers that match these sensitive pieces of data. The organization will then know precisely where its sensitive data is and may take precautions to guarantee that it is not moved or deleted.

Knowing the location of my sensitive data is quite valuable, and watching DLP technology go from a corporate to a consumer setting is, to say the least, intriguing. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with this information unless you sign up for a membership. When you subscribe, you will be given the opportunity to encrypt your data and keep it in a safe digital locker. If an attacker tries to move or delete these files, the application prevents access and alerts the user.

To be honest, Avast’s poor password scan is a disappointment. I was expecting the service to inform me that I’d changed one of my passwords to “123cat” or something like easy by using some future hash-scanning technology. Instead, it just informed me that I was saving passwords in my browser (which everyone does), that this approach was possibly unsafe (the judgment is still out on that), and that I needed to upgrade in order to utilize Avast Passwords, Avast’s password management service. This is undoubtedly handy, but it is not worth committing to an annual membership when you could just use one of the finest password managers available elsewhere.

MSSPs and resellers may benefit from Avast’s Advanced protection package.

Avast’s all-in-one solution has a lot to offer whether you’re seeking for comprehensive antivirus software for a reseller or a managed security service provider (MSSP).
The biggest draw is CloudCare, which, as the name suggests, offers all of Avast’s security capabilities over the cloud on a user-friendly interface.

  • CloudCare allows you to expand your MSSP while growing income and expanding your company. Avast’s CloudCare solution enables MSSPs to easily extend their businesses, add new services, and deliver protection to new clients remotely.
  • Fills security holes using CloudCare’s main levels of protection to protect your organization from attackers.
  • Manages many networks effortlessly by displaying risks, updates, and reports for your customers in a single location.
  • Helps you prevent escalating client expenditures and maintenance, allowing you to eliminate onsite customer visits and save money and time.

 Paid Features

This free version includes both Performance components, however the Privacy and Protection sections have features that need purchase, as shown by a lock icon overlay. When you click one of these, a little animation detailing the function appears, along with a large Upgrade Now button. If you want any of these features, you must acquire Avast Security Premium; there is no premium-level standalone antivirus in the current Avast range.

Locked Features of Avast Free Antivirus

Avast used to provide a free password manager, however all functions on the Privacy page are now inaccessible to free users. To receive the secure deletion Data Shredder, you must upgrade (AVG gives you this feature at the free level). The Sensitive Data Shield checks your papers for sensitive data that might be compromised and assists you in protecting it. By restricting camera usage to known, trustworthy apps, the Webcam Shield provides some malware prevention. AntiTrack Premium enhances Secure Browser’s Do Not Track protection.

The Avast SecureLine VPN button indicates a lock, but it is not really locked away. Clicking the button initiates the installation procedure, leading you to believe that you have obtained free access. Only after you’ve gone through the procedure, started the application, and attempted to connect to a VPN do you discover that you must pay $2.89 a month to utilize it after the seven-day trial period has expired.

Locked icons on the Protection tab include: Firewall, which keeps hackers out of your system; Sandbox, which allows you to execute dubious files without danger; Real Site, which confirms websites beyond detection of phishing scams; and Remote Access Shield. This last component explicitly blocks attacks that take use of the built-in Remote Desktop functionality.

Individual account cost for Avast

If you’re searching for antivirus protection for your home PC or smartphone, Avast offers both a free and a premium subscription.

The Free plan includes the following features: real-time malware protection, blocking of harmful websites/intrusive trackers, and wifi scanning. Avast Premium includes real-time wifi security warnings and the Ransomware Shield for $34.99 a year. Finally, for $89.99 a year, you can buy the Premium package, which includes support for up to ten devices.

Avast’s enterprise pricing

As previously said, Avast offers a variety of security solutions for enterprises, based on the number of workers and whether or not the organization is an MSSP.

They cost as follows:

  • Pricing for Avast’s Small Office package
  • Normally, Avast’s Small Office package costs $139.99 per year. However, you can now get it for for $111.99 every year.

This purchase includes licenses for up to ten devices and all of the above-mentioned Small Office security features.

Pricing for Avast’s all-in-one business package

If the Small Office plan is insufficient, you may upgrade to Avast’s all-in-one business plan for an additional fee. All you have to do is provide the number of users and the operating systems they use. The following are the prices:

  • Microsoft Windows: $59.99 per user, per year
  • Server: $46.99 per user, per year
  • Mac: $36.00 per user per year
  • Linux: $259.99 per user, each year

Pricing for Avast’s sophisticated all-in-one business package for MSSPs

If you’re interested in Avast’s Advanced plan, you’ll need to contact them directly to discuss your security needs. The team will then develop a price package tailored to your specific requirements.

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